Tom’s 10K Race

Tom is my best friend. We’ve know each other since we were kids. He ran a 10k race today that he trained for over several months.

Nervous is what he was in that last week prior to the race.  He was ready, but he wasn’t sure.  A lot of you know that feeling!

He determined his last few runs prior to the run, then ran them.  He knew had to taper (and was uncomfortable with it) but he did it.

Friday night, I took him out to Noodles & Company.  He had a nice penne pasta dish with their Parmesan Crusted Chicken.  A nice green mixed salad on the side.  Water to drink. 

He was up early.  He fussed over what to wear.  He checked the weather on the internet at least a few times.  He got some oatmeal ready and ate it.  He was dressed and ready.  We headed out to Julia DeKoevend Park to check the registration and pick up the swag bag.

All to soon, it was time.  The 10K runners were called to the Start line.  There was a count down and a whistle!  The race was on!

Tom’s 10K Race – A Youtube video!

Tom ran the race in 58:00.  A pretty good time/pace that exceeded his expectations!

Congratulations, Tom!

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2009 Running Statistics

2009 Running Statistics



Since my injury in Moab, I have run very minimally.  I need to check it out with my Doctor, but I’m a guy and guys don’t do that kind of thing…  But it is getting bad and I do need to address it.

Thats it for now!