1. I head for the Doctor tomorrow. The appointment is at 10:30 AM. It is primarily about my right heel. It is a bone bruise or something similar. I’ll mention the continuing cough problem also.
Yes, I know. I have been gaining some weight. He is going to mention it!

2. DirectTV is charging me a lot of money. It keeps going up. $68.99 ($73.99 – $5.00 Qwest bundling offer) 3 months ago it was $55.99. two months ago it was $65.99. This month, it became $68.99. That is just too expensive for a convenience.
I talked to them today. They’re just too expensive and each package is planned to be expensive. They were willing to tell me goodbye. My account is a 5 digit number. The representative was willing to turn me off today. I AM NOT impressed with DirectTV!
I told them I would check other services and the operator told me that I didn’t have to. DirectTV was competitive. FAIL…
Checked out Comcast (cable). It is barely any different. I would have to use their VOIP service, internet and cable TV to even approach affordability. I’d have to drop my current phone and internet service provider.
I called Dish Network. Hmmm… Much better. Everything I have now for 13 dollars less a month. I do think that I’ll make a change! We’ll see!

Question. What do you use for TV in your house? Are you satisfied with them?