Well, it is the 2013 season. That means training again. I am running and riding!

My schedule? To start, I will participate in the Lamar, Colorado Prairie Punisher! I will be running the short course on the morning of Saturday, April 13. What is the short course?

2.5 K run (1.55 miles), 7.25 mile bicycle ride, and then a 2.5 K (1.55 mile) run. I will complete  it. I know that as I have been doing my training. Tomorrow and last weekend I have performed the entire thing.

Other notes for April 13th? will have worked for my employer for 30 years. I find that phenomenal in this day and age. Thank you, Master Klean.

Other things for that weekend? My birthday is April 14th.. I will be home recovering. Maybe from the race… Maybe from turning 60…

After the Prairie Punisher, I will compete in the Barking Dog Duathlon! I will compete in the short course again. A little different, though. 2 K run, 14.5 mile ride, and finish with a 3.1 mile run. All at the Cherry Creek reservoir on the South side of the Denver area. This one is tough, though, as there is one major hill in the middle of the ride and the last run!

The last scheduled event is the Bolder Boulder 10K in Boulder, Colorado! This is a major fun run for runners, walkers and people that just want to have fun! Music, marshmallows, doritos, a road summit, lots of hills and mini-events during the run.  That will be on Memorial Day!

Will I see you at any of these events?