Ever have one of those months?

Plantar Fasciitis.  A forehead laceration.  A bleeding bum.

One thing leads to another and, we just have fun is all you can do!


2.5 miles for the month of June.  It was all I could manage.

I was able to get out and bike in the neighborhood of 100 miles!  Still getting the hang of it and doing fairly well. I was not that used to the new seat, and an existing bum condition exascerbated resulting in some blood.  Doing better now though!

The Plantar Fasciitis is getting better all of the time.  I hardly feel it most days.  The combination of the shoe inserts (I do not use them in my running shoes) and the exercises have improved the situation!


Took Sami out for her first all day Jeep ride!

It was not pleasant.  Poor little thing got car sick.  Jeep still smells even after everything was cleaned.

The Lower Moody Hill Trail (Click on the link to see the video – It will take you off this website)

The day started out dry and climbing the Moody Hill trail was fairly easy.  There was one rocky section that was a challenge but we cleared it fairly easily. It started to rain when we got to the top so, we decided to head down before it got too wet.  The best alid plans oft go astray, you know.  When we got to just above those same rocky areas, we found that they had become a bottle neck for everyone.  A group of 5 vehicles were going up and 7 were going down.  The 5 coming up did not have lockers and could not climb the rocky sections (they did have fun trying, though).   The trail is a narrow trail, but there was enough room to get everyone of ot the side and we even used our winch to pull one of the 5 up.  Eventually, everyone was on their way again.

Last Weekend

Charlie?  Have you explained about the hforehead laceration yet?  Nope.  It happened this last weekend.

We decided to mod the jeep again.  It has a FORD 8.8 back axle set.  We were instally a Superior axle replacement set to strengthen the axle.  It was work as you have to press several parts together on the new axles, remove the “C” clamps from the differential, remove the old axles, then install the new ones.

The old axles came out easily enough, but left a bearing seal inside the axle housing at the outside.  We had a tool that worked great on the passenger side, but broke on the driver side.  We tried everything after that.  It was during one of these attempts that I hurt myself!   I set a flat bar into the sleeve and used the outside edge of the axle housing as a leverage point.  I pressed hard on the opposite end of the flat bar.  All of a sudden, the edge inside the sleeve gave way. There was a lot of energy that needed to be negated.  The flatbar and my hands went through my legs.  My head followed the hands and I hit my forehead on the fender flare.  I didn’t see stars but I did feel pain.  I dropped the flatbar and stepped backwards. I pressed my free hand up to my forehead.  I took a couple of deep breaths, then headed toward the house.  I looked in the restroom mirror and winced.  It was turning purple and was bleeding.  I’ll spare you the details and let you know that I am doing OK now!



The Jeep is doing OK now, too!  The new axles are hardened and can allow 40″ tires on the back axle now!

Well, that is it for this update!