Running –

I ran 1.53 miles last week.  Seemed a good distance for the condition my condition is in.  Little or no repercussion with the PF.

I ran a total of 6.1 miles for the month of June.  I will sure be happy when I can increase that amount comfortably.

The Plantar Fasciitis is still here with me, but getting better every week.

Bicycling –

Last week was a good week for the bicycle.  I logged 108.38 miles.  That does include 55.6 miles of Long Ride S(aturday or Sunday).  The Sunday before was a 25 mile ride and I rode 30.5 miles on Saturday morning.  I’m working the old bike for all that it is worth.

I rode a total of 255+ miles for the month of June.

We are so lucky to have nice trails on the South side of Denver.  They are always improving the trails, too!

Sami –

The dog is growing in leaps and bounds.  Sometimes, she looks at me and I am reminded of what a mature look she has.  Then she’ll run after something and fall over her own too long legs and large feet.

We’re learning.  All (everything) below waist level in the house is being packed away.  If Sami can reach it, she’ll chew it.  So, packing it away until she stops chewing everything was our solution.

In July, Sami will be spayed.  It will be around the middle of the month.

Sami is going to Obedience One, starting Monday, July 6th.  I just have to remember that the class is actually for me and not for Sami.  I do hope that I learn and that she will follow suit!


This is Sami after a day in the Jeep on the trail!

Jeeping –

Every year a group of us get together to honor a couple of friend’s birthdays!  This weekend was one of those runs.  We ended up with a group of 11 rigs.  We ran the Mount St. Vrain and the Coney Flats trails.

The trip took a little over 9 hours from meeting in Boulder, Colorado to when we aired our tires back up at Bear Reservoir (I think that might be as most of us like to jaw a bit too much).

We had a good time and it was a great group to roll with.  We took our time and just had a lot of fun.  The trail was challenging enough to keep things interesting and had a lot of water challenges and crossings.

The climb to the major stream crossing was the most challenging, but the water crossing had to be the most fun.  Here are some of the people crossing the river!




Yes! Everybody made it through!  No one stalled out.  As a matter of fact, many people tried it 2 or 3 times!

Finally, Tom posed the Mighty YJ so we could all see the underside of the rig!


We came off the trail tired , hungry and eager to set off for our individual’ Sunday evenings!

MountainsAnd, Mountains as seen from the major stream crossing…

Yes, birthday cake was served!  Brought one in with the face of a monkey just to prove that we can monkey around and still get a fun ride in, too!