The definition of CHANGES is To cause to be different: change the spelling of a word.’

That has happened a lot to me lately.  Some of it was not so good, some of it really was good!



I have run 2.75 miles in June.  That is a major change from what I have done in the past!  The Plantar Fasciitis is getting better all of the time.  I’m hoping when I see my Doctor in July that he’ll give me a green light for running again!



I have ridden my GT bike for 115.3 miles in June.  I’ve done that in 10 rides. With a 4:59 pace and an average of 12 MPH. 

I am riding the bike Geared UP!  That means it ride with the chain on the front largest sprocket AND the back sprocket.  It is tough, but it builds strong muscles and is a work out!

I have some regular rides that have a certain length.  Makes it easier for me to go out and ride while attempting to improve both my time and my endurance.

My last weekend long ride was 20 miles.  I’m planning a 25 mile ride for this weekend.



I miss Molly very much still.  We were so comfortable together.  Grief still affects me when I see a picture or think about her.  I often dream of her. It is still so hard to believe that she is gone from my life.

A puppy.  That is what Tom said.  Get a puppy!  So, we have a puppy.  There is a lot of difference between an older dog and a puppy!  I’d forgotten what I went through with Molly.  Now, it is coming back as this new life is a major part of my life now.

Sami on trail

Sami can be a cute little girl!  She can also be a terror!  I build Lego models and she has found AND chewed a lot of them.

But, you know, I’m learning.  Most of the house has been rendered “Puppy Safe” now.  There is a gate between the kitchen and the dining room.

She is registered for a beginning obedience class starting on Monday, July 6th.  Then, soon after, she will be visiting the veterinarian for her spaying.



First of all, Sami has been on 2 additional trips since her first memorable one.  We leave with more time to travel, take breaks more often, and she is traveling much better.  She is getting bigger (it seems by the day) and I leave her in the back seat now.  She is just too large to sit on my lap when I am not driving.

The Empire Hilton

As snow clears from the high country in our beautiful Rocky Mountains, jeeps find their way on to trails that have been closed through the Winter. 4 jeeps got together to ride the Empire Hilton (Mill Creek) trail.

We started by going up Red Elephant (on a mountain by the same name). Red elephant is a steep trail with loose dirt and some interesting obstacles.  The first major obstacle is a sudden down hill at a camber.  As you drive it, you think that you will tip over.  You don’t, but that is not the feeling that you get.

There are also areas with large rock outcroppings that you have to find the right line to go up them.

The Mill Creek trail goes off to the side of Red Elephant at the top.  It has 2 creek crossings and a bog area on it.  The most interesting thing on the trail is an aged cabin known as The Empire Hilton.  The National Forest Service maintains it in a living museum state. It has doors and windows and is fairly well sealed against the elements.  It is furnished and has a wood stove in it.  It has all of the elements of a place that you can stay at or live in.

There is a tradition to leave an item of yours on your first visit there.  There is also a register to record your visit in.

Empire Hilton

Air wheel

Pat Snow


Spring Creek

Spring Creek is a challenging trail near the Denver area.  It has rock faces, tight turns, rock obstacles and a “Rock Garden.”


9 rigs attended this “Trail” party.  This is one of the trails where testosterone can reign supreme.  Men (and women) drive their rigs to impress themselves (and hopefully others) with their abilities.  Sometimes after their attempt, they may need some help in getting over the obstacle.

Winching the rock face

Others can accomplish it with no trouble.

Climbing the Rock Face

We had a lot of fun and it took most of the day to run those 9.6 miles.  It also gave us a chance to relax, spend time with friends and take a lot of pictures!

Pat Jake

Finally…  Here is Tom in The Mighty YJ taking a difficult line in the “Rock Garden.”


 Almost Forgot!

I did finally get access to my old blog at I wouldn’t go there if I were you as I have transferred all of my data to this new blog already! (Thanks, Tim!)