I am actually on schedule! I ran 30.69 miles last week and included a 13.47 long run. I rode the bike along the Highline canal for 14.55 miles. Cross training on the bike is a nice change!

I can never get any of my runs to measure to exactly what the schedule calls for. I tend to run a little long.

I am now ingesting a CoQ10 supplement. I feel much better and my undefined aches and pains are going away. That is a good thing!

Bowie is an Explorer! (or he just got away!)

Bowie is the rescue cat that I have. He is a cute little guy that just does not realize that he has limitations. He thinks that he is just like every cat that is out there. The only problem is that most of the other cats do not have hip displascia or is blind.

We realized that Bowie had skipped out on us late Friday night. We still aren’t sure how it happened, but the little guy was left in the back yard as everyone went to work. Usually the back yard is a treasured sanctuary for this cat. He never leaves it. Of course, that is primarily due to the fact that every exit from the yard has been found and blocked.

Unfortunately, we had one of those summer thunderstorms over most of the South end of Denver. Bowie escaped the back yard. We had no idea how he got out or where he was!

Molly, the Australian Shepard, was no help. I repeatedly asked her to find him, but she seemed most happy to take on the responsibility of accepting all the love for her that was usually showered on him. Hmmm…

I started to wander down one block, then through the alley, then up another block, and down the alley on it, and on and on. I was on a fairly busy residential street near the house calling his name and slapping my hands together. I suddenly heard a Bowie sized squeak, and saw him running toward where my voice was. His head was moving from side to side as he tried to follow my voice. I called to him and he came right to me. I picked him up and took him back home.

Of course, now he believes himself to be a great explorer. Found him out of the back yard again this morning. I am sealing up all of the escape routes again!

It sure can worry you when a special friend gets lost like that!


We took the MightyYJ to Jenny Creek on Saturday. Jenny Creek is a trail near the east end of the Moffat Tunnel. The Moffat Tunnel is 6 miles long and runs freight and Amtrac trains under the continental divide to the western half of the state.

Jenny Creek is a challenging trail that actually follows the creek bed at 2 or 3 places. At the end there is a 10- foot long snow drift that you have to winch over to finish the trail. Always a lot of fun.

We winched up the snow, then drove back down and back out along the trail! And… No, I did not run the trail!

This is a short video of my friend, Tom, driving the MightyYJ through the creek.

Remember that this is a National Forest Service sanctioned trail!

Had a little trouble getting out, though…


Nah! It was a staged shot. The train was sitting there waiting its turn at passing through the tunnel!


I am automating the telescopes for astrophotography. It is an involved process that computers really help with. We do not have all of the parts yet, but we have started some trial runs at it.

Outside set up with the computer running the rig.

Just the telescopes setup (with a view of Bowie’s backyard). Notice the extreme weight set up used to counterbalance the telescope rig!

That’s it!