Running –
Last week I ran 31.78 miles. Mostly around the neighborhood. It is getting hot in Denver now. I need to find a shadier run course.

A friend came by this weekend and told me what a great tan I have this year. I told him that outside running will do that to a person. I am getting my vitamin D most naturally this season.

Training –
I have changed my training schedule for Chicago. The longer runs (over 17 miles) have been bumped up a mile or two. That way, I will have runs under my belt of at least 2 @ 20 miles (1 @ 22 miles), and others at or really near it.
Thanks for the input!

Soon –
Next week, I will run a 10-mile long run. Planning on taking the camera to show everyone my current favorite course. Some of us bloggers did that last year and I got quite a kick out of it.

Cameras –
Recently at the Colorado Colfax Half-Marathon, I did take a camera. It was my Flip Ultra video. I pulled it out twice and I thought I got some on-the-run videos. I didn’t. It was frustrating to attempt to run, try to capture a video, and replace everything in my pack. What does it boil down to? I won’t take the Flip Ultra! It just gets more and more frustrating to use. Anyone want a Flip Ultra cheap?

I love my Canon camera. It is a medium sized 7.1 megapixel image stabilized digital camera. It is quick and easy to use, but it somewhat large and bulky. Both stills and video are excellent on this camera. It is somewhat large, though, and takes up most of my running pack space.

If anyone out there takes a camera with them on their runs, what do you take? Would you recommend it to a fellow runner? Why? Why not?