Yes, delicious catchup! Made from tomatoes of loving homes*.
No! Wait! Actually I am trying to catch you up on my running activities.

Last week, I ran 33.82 miles. The week before that I ran 18 miles (but 45 miles from the week before that).

Some of us bloggers are headed for Chicago this year. I am.

Others are Melisa, Maddy, Petra, David, Ryan & Susan.

I am going to run a marathon for the first time in my life. Which brings us to training…

This is a modified Hal Higdon training schedule for a full marathon. At least, it started out that way. It has been modified for me. It was not modified by an expert. I modified it.

I will not strength train. I hate strength training. I won’t do it. But that is just me.

I will cross train. I have the mountain bike out of storage and it is getting prepared as a medium to use on Mondays for cross training.

Opinions? Let me have it, friends!

*Thanks goes to A Prairie Home Companion for the catchup blurb.